Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Global Resorts Network is the ticket to luxurious vacation and travel experiences. They have aligned themselves with one of the most prestigious Private Membership Clubs on earth, bringing you unprecedented benefits.

You have access to more than 5,000 4 and 5 star resorts in 55 different countries! And, now this exclusive private luxury resort membership is offered on-line for the first time! With Global Resorts Network, you can stay at a 5 star resort for 8 days and 7 nights starting at just $298 for the entire week! . . . AND even get this almost impossible confirmation 72 hrs ago on a whim!

Compare Global Resorts Network to a timeshare unit. Anyone who owns a timeshare knows the same old story — you're stuck with limited choices of where you can go, depending on availability, and you're restricted to the time you can use it. Trading it for a different location has always been a hassle, especially if you own a timeshare that is not in one of the more popular spots.With Global Resorts Network, you get the benefits of the timeshare without the annual maintenance fees, which can run as high as $400.00/year, and you can go anywhere -- anytime! You only pay for it as you use it and have access to the top resorts — 4 or 5 star!

Lifetime memberships are NOW available for up to $10,000.00 less than has historically been selling for the last 21 years through traditional retail outlets worldwide!"The true test of a direct sale product is when a product will sell on its own merit regardless of the comp plan attached to it." This product is so jam packed with value and so under priced, people are buying like there's no tomorrow!

Perpetual Leverage is the most powerful compensation plan ever created. If you wrap your mind around this, you won't sleep for weeks! Earn $1,000.00 on every qualified sale you make and $1,000.00 on every qualified sale your team makes throughout the organization to Unlimited Depth and Unlimited Width! Gone are the days of the 1 up, where you lose your first sale and create your own competition. This is a major breakthrough in compensation!

So, what is your lifestyle and financial solution here? Enjoy the product! It virtually sells itself. Enjoy the Global Resorts Network solution: Go Vacation!

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